Research Grants

Funding Autism Research:

Regardless of the fact that the prevalence of autism has increased at an astonishing rate from 1 in 5000 in 1975 to 1 in 68 in 2014, research on autism lags behind that of other psychiatric disorders and medical conditions.

To date, no preventive strategies have demonstrated consistent benefits and no treatments have proven widely efficacious in treating the core symptoms of ASD. Autism research is essential in producing increasing yields in terms of understanding the genetics and environmental causes, prevention, early diagnosis, epidemiology, as well as treatment of ASD.

At CARE Foundation, we provide funding for innovative projects & research that hold considerable promise for significantly improving the lives of those affected by autism. In support of that mission we support all areas of related basic and clinical research including but not limited to the autism diagnosis, causes, prevention, and treatment. Unless we find the causes of autism as soon as possible, autism soon will be a national crisis. Therefore, we strongly encourage scholars whose areas of research are related to the “causes” of autism to apply.